12 October 2013

Resources for Teachers of English

I am a TEFL teacher and Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine. I've been teaching here for two years and I've compiled a lot of lesson plans and activities that are currently piled up on the windowsill in my living room. I think it's finally time to organize my teacher brain and share some ideas with other teacher brains that might benefit from some of the lessons that have been successful in my classes.

I'll try to upload lessons as soon as possible. Some of them were created by yours truly, but I should say that a lot of them were made possible with the great help of online resources. I will try to credit them when possible, but I do a lot of planning and sometimes I forget to jot down where the games come from. Below are the sites that I mainly frequent for resources. I'd like to thank all of the dedicated teachers who have shared their wonderful ideas and activities online.

www.eslcafe.com/ideas/ (a great site with games and also international job listings for TEFL teachers.)
www.tefl.net (a simple search engine for lesson plans and forums on specific topics)
www.eslflow.com (lots of worksheets by topic)
www.michellehenry.fr/ (take a long scroll and check out lots of resources on a specific topic)
www.breakingnewsenglish.com (news articles made easy with some activities)
www.bogglesworldesl.com/ (a lot of information gap activities and resources for young learners)
http://iteslj.org/questions/ (use this site if you need help coming up with conversation topics)
http://designerlessons.org (creative and unusual lesson plans)

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